jodyJody Rosengarten created The Bark Stops Here in 1980 and has helped thousands of dogs and their people to understand one another ever since. She offers house calls, phone consultations, group classes, workshops, and is on staff of the Southport Veterinary Center in Fairfield, CT. Her newest venture, Parrot Envy, provides in-home parrot behavior consultations.

Jody's book, Rover, Don’t roll Over, was published in 2005. She's written for newspapers, websites and magazines. A regular guest on a phone-in radio show for many years, Jody has also been interviewed on numerous TV shows. She is currently writing a book on rescued dogs and just finished a novel about a feisty dog trainer.


As a volunteer, Jody ran a foundation for seven years that gave money to wolf causes and was instrumental in the Yellowstone National Park wolf reintroduction. She worked with Washoe and her family of sign language speaking chimpanzees in Washington and with temple monkeys in Sri Lanka. She taught English in Tanzania where she also studied many species of wildlife. In the spring of 2012, she worked in Louisiana with loons negatively impacted by the BP oil spill. Following a ruptured aneurysm (from which Jody has completely recovered), she created Brain Storm, Inc, a not-for-profit organization for brain surgery survivors.

Jody lives in Easton, CT with three "multiple pedigreed" dogs and six parrots - all rescued.