Imp, The ImPerfect Pup

My new book, Imp, The ImPerfect Pup: Lessons On Being Good Enough, is now available at!

All About Imp

The world doesn't need another dog training book, but it sure could use Imp, The ImPerfect Pup: Lessons On Being Good Enough, a lighthearted look at the serious matter of a persons Perfectionism screwing-up the dog.ImpCover

It is estimated that only one out of every one hundred dogs born will ever find a permanent home. Of those relinquished, "bad behavior" is identified as the primary problem. I believe overreaching expectations are the actual culprit.

Imp, The ImPerfect Pup pairs realistic goals with sustainable training and behavioral tools in a manner that’s as entertaining as it is instructive. Vignettes from thirty-six years of counseling rich and famous and everyday dog parents, plus tales of my own colorful menagerie, illustrate what’s possible without breaking a sweat. Imp's point of view is always presented.

From the shiny new puppy to a weathered elder who’s been around the block, Imp, The ImPerfect Pup celebrates dogs as they actually are to make your home Imp's last. I think Good Enough is Perfect.

Outskirts Press is publishing Imp, The ImPerfect Pup in November. It will be available for purchase at Amazon. Please check back for important updates!

Rover, Don't Roll Over


Rover, Don't Roll Over:

a compassionate training guide

for dogs and their people

by Jody Rosengarten

Ten Speed Press.Celestial Arts.Book News

Imagine how easy dog training would be if dogs could tell people exactly what to say and do to get the results they want! With Rover, Don't Roll Over, professional dog trainer and behavioral therapist Jody Rosengarten taps into our four-legged friends' perspective to present new, more realistic approaches to dog training with amazing results.

This pro-dog, anti-dogmatic manual rejects the rigidity of traditional obedience training in favor of kinder, gentler practices that delight in dogs' natural joie de vivre. The practical exercises are broken down into simple steps and their real-life application is flexible enough to honor the individuality of each dog, his person, and their relationship. Finally, here's a training guide that anticipates potential behavioral problems and offers prevention methods with compassion and respect for man's best friend.

Authoritative yet also warm and funny, Rover, Don't Roll Over digs deeper than the mere mechanics of obedience training to reveal a clear command of dog behavior and an astute awareness of human psychology. Whether training a puppy or a longtime companion, dog devotees will learn how to solve problems and address a dog's special needs. Jody also includes daily exercises, trouble-shooting tips, and a special-needs chapter for training The Timid Dog, The Bossy Dog, and The Lonely Dog.

For busy people who want a well-behaved dog, Rover, Don't Roll Over achieves better results by allowing dog lovers to understand what makes their companions really tick.

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Reviews for Rover!

Whether you are thinking about getting a dog or already have one this is a must read for every dog owner. I only wish I had read this book before I raised my golden retriever, it would have been so much easier and the results would have been better too! Common sense and compassion are the way to go here, think like a dog, and not only will you have better behaved dogs, you will be a better person as well. Hedi

How refreshing to read a book about training dogs that is warm, funny, insightful and filled with practical exercises and behavioral techniques that really work! I couldn't put Rover down! Jody's insight into the psychology of the human paired with her uncanny ability to understand a canines' psyche makes this training guide, hands down, a must have for any dog owner or anyone thinking about adopting a puppy or dog. Her compassion, humor and knowledge have made me a life-long fan! Patty