The Bark Stops Here

Classes meet at the

Southport Veterinary Center

2131 Post Road

Fairfield, CT 06824

New 4-Week Puppy*
Training/Socialization Group Classes
Saturday, May 12th 2018 from 3:00pm - 4:00pm

*Adult, Puppy-friendly Dogs Are Also Invited

*See below, under policies, for registration information*

How it Works

Classes meet once a week for four consecutive weeks for roughly 1 hour per session. Each week will start with a supervised play session within a fenced yard.  The day’s lesson is then demonstrated.  Next, my assistant and I oversee you working individually with the pup. Homework is emailed after each session.sithappens

Classes are intended for puppies 4 months to 1 year, though older, puppy-friendly dogs will be admitted on an individual basis. Exercises covered include: Heel, Sit, Stay, Lie Down, Come When Called, No Jump, Curbing Chewing & Mouthing, Leave It, Drop It & Look at Me. Sick dogs and females in heat should not be brought to class. You, however, are welcome to come and observe.

Groups are kept very small to maximize individual attention. We will meet indoors or out depending on the weather, so please dress accordingly. Children who are not too distracting are welcome—their supervision is your responsibility.  As it is crowded indoors, on bad weather days no more that two people per dog can be accommodated. * Age appropriate vaccinations are required.

New To The Bark Stops Here

If you would like to join a group puppy training class but can't because:

  1. It's full
  2. Your pup is too young
  3. He/she doesn't get along with other dogs
  4. Whatever...
Now, for $85 (half the usual tuition) you are invited to audit the 4-week series solo (actually, more than one person can come, just not the dog).

This way you:

  1. Can concentrate on my spiel & demonstrations without also wrangling the pup
  2. Will receive detailed emails highlighting what was taught to facilitate your practicing at home
  3. Can ask questions & makeup a missed class whenever you want (sans pup)

If you want to bring your dog to a future class for socialization,* you are welcome to register for a second series within 1 year & then attend all four sessions by paying the $85 tuition balance + $20. Cool, no?

*This offer is only for dogs that are puppy-friendly. I reserve the right to withdraw this offer on days where the numbers get out of whack.

What to Bring

All dogs should arrive at class on a 4 to 6 foot cloth or leather leash and a conventional buckle-type collar.  For safety sake, the puppies drag a leash while playing.  If the leash getting dirty would bother you, bring 2 leashes.  Please have him/her on lead before exiting the car.  Some small dogs and those with delicate tracheas may require a harness.  There is no need to buy anything special prior to the first class, but bring any additional collars, halters, etc. that you already own with you.  I may recommend you purchase training equipment, and some supplies will be for sale.  I’ll provide water, treats and toys and you are welcome to bring your own. No choke collars or flexi-leads. Small dogs and those with delicate tracheas require a harness.

Cancellation, Return/Refund Policy

If you drop out of the course and notify me within 24 hours of the first class, your prorated tuition will be refunded minus a $20 cancellation fee. Beyond that notification date, a class credit only will be issued for one year. * Inappropriate dogs - or people - will be asked to leave. Your prorated tuition will be returned as well. Class credit is not applicable to house calls.

*The make-up policy is only for dogs that are puppy-friendly. I reserve the right to withdraw this offer on days where the numbers get out of whack.

Tuition: $180 (+$11.43 tax = $191.43) If paid one week ahead of the first class.
$195 (+$12.38 tax - $207.38) Thereafter.

Your space and the reduced tuition is only guaranteed until this early registration date. Bundle a house call package with the group classes and save 10%.

For information and to register please:

Call (203) 372-BARK Or email The Bark Stops Here by clicking here