"House Call" is a bit of a misnomer in that, though most sessions are at your home, we could just as easily meet in a park, on the beach, in town—wherever.

Appointments run roughly an hour-and-a-half and are available Tuesdays through Saturdays. If you’re wondering whether a puppy can concentrate for a full 90-minutes—no, he or she cannot.

House Calls are as much about the people as the pup and are a blend of hands-on training, Q&A, problem-solving and creating a dog-safe environment. Homework will be emailed following each visit, and you are welcome to call or email with questions. The whole family is invited, though not required, to participate.

House Calls are available either individually or—new to The Bark Stops Here—as a discounted prepaid package of three. If more than three sessions are needed, the lower rate will also apply per visit.

With puppies, a combination of a House Call or two and the 4-week Group Training and Socialization Class is an ideal way to go.