I have known Jody for 16-years and trained my shepherds with her. Each dog had their own personalities and Jody recognized their traits and worked with me and each shepherd to build confidence. Jody helped to wean my current shepherd Phoebe (a mama’s girl) to be more independent and she passed her Canine Good Citizen. I have recommended Jody to friends and will continue to do so because of the gentle, positive approach and passion Jody brings to training. Debbie

We love our dog dearly. However, chasing the cats, shrill barking and food aggression prompted us to consider contacting a dog trainer. Our pet sitter recommended The Bark Stops Here. One call to Jody and I knew she was the perfect fit for us. Jody has a very gentle and calm way about her that the animals respond to. I warned Jody that my husband and I are cat people, so we are the problem. Our dog, Baby, has three legs and Jody is very sensitive to this limitation and took it into consideration with her training approach. I tell all my friends that within minutes of Baby meeting Jody, Baby looked at me almost saying, finally someone understands me. Jody watched Baby interact with the cats and humans in the house. She shared that Baby is truly just playing with the cats and that her barking at them was more a yowel. She pointed out that the cats were not actually running away from Baby but rather enticing her to play. Jody has helped us better understand our dog and her needs. Baby now has a new pen in the backyard and a new canine family member! Our new rescue dog, Emmett, quickly learned sit and stay. Baby has fun chasing her new friend in the backyard. It makes me smile to see Baby so happy. Thank you Jody for everything. Rhonda

Jody has a masterful understanding of dogs and humans. She is able to clearly describe what dogs need and how their humans can successfully meet those needs, so that everyone (dogs included) feels good and on solid footing. Jody’s writing is laced with intelligent humor and moves at an energetic pace. Her laugh out loud phrases and illustrations are jewels. If you didn’t care about dogs, you might read Jody’s book just for the fun of it. Kay

Jody Rosengarten’s newest book is a charmingly intuitive boon for dog owners. Reading “Imp…” won’t turn your pet into a new dog—but it will make him a better, happier one. Eve

Dealing with rescued dogs is never easy, but Jody helped turn out VERY imperfect pup into a wonderful member of the family. Jody is the only trainer I’ve ever called before we brought the dog home! Stefanie

Jody’s intuitive nature allows her to work with animals in a way that maintains their individual personality. Her love shines through each of her clients…how rare to find such a gem! Joy

Jody Rosengarten lets the steam out of dog training so that dog and owner actually enjoy the process. Jody’s expertise, wit and intelligence get to the heart of any dog training issue directly, completely, and with a sense of lightheartedness. Kelly

Jody gets inside the dog’s head and wants to make sure the dog’s human does too. Her techniques are humane and stress reward over punishment. As a dog lover, it certainly makes it easier to follow and practice her techniques. Mary

Jody Rosengarten is one of those rare individuals who simply understands dogs. She is not interested in dominating them as some old training methods have advocated. She is about helping people understand their dogs and what makes them tick. She accomplishes this using her sense of compassion, patience, humor and kindness. The results speak for themselves. Lucky is the dog and human under Jody’s tutelage. Jodi

Acting as professional translator to the Doggie UN, Jody has prevented skirmishes and territorial disputes while promoting cultural awareness and sensitivity… at least in my house! Having three rescues who came with individually matched sets of baggage, I don’t know how we would have survived without her. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nancy

Jody has been my “go to” salvation with all my rescue dogs over the past 15 years. She has this uncanny ability to be as effective at “people whispering” as she is when she talks to the dogs (and we all know we’re the main problem when it comes to dog behavioral issues!) Her first book is always at hand; I know this one will be too. Hazel

Being involved in the Pet industry for twenty years, I have made a lot of contacts. Few have become true friends. Jody Rosengarten is truly a great dog trainer; her wit and compassion make her stand out from the pack. She has a knack for writing too… a complete package. Jason

Jody Rosengarten had a loyal following as WICC 600’s resident dog expert. Thanks Jody! Mike Bellamy, News Director for WICC 600 and WEBE 101 in Bridgeport, CT

More than anyone I know, Jody Rosengarten speaks Dog. She’s conversant in Canine, proficient in Puppy and fluent in Mutt. Best of all, she can translate these dialects into English, making her a godsend for four-legged rascals and the people who love them. Nancy

Words cannot express how grateful we are for all you have done for our family over the past three years. You have unique insight into how to handle complex behavior problems in dogs, and we are hugely pleased with the behavior changes we have observed in each of our three dogs. Instead of the unsocial and timid behavior once observed in Bella and Sophie, we now have two self-confident Havanese pups that run and play with other dogs. Additionally, you showed us how to manage our high-energy, Laberdoodle escape artist, Bubba! We are so thankful, Jody, for all of the advice you have shared, from dog selection – to proper pet tools and equipment – to pet health and safety information – to the handling of simple, as well as complex, dog behavior problems. Your commitment to people and animals, shared experience, intelligence, energy, vision, passion, wisdom, determination, sense of humor, and deep understanding of the canine mind have profoundly and positively affected our lives. Jody, we are grateful to be owners of three precious, happy-go-lucky dogs, and blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Leah and Wendell

What Jane Goodall is to chimpanzees, Jody is to dogs. Terrie

My dogs get nothing but the best. I have known Jody for about 12 years. She has trained three of my dogs over the years both in private sessions and puppy classes. Jody Rosengaten is the only trainer I will ever use. She is abundantly knowledgeable and uniquely in tune with dogs. Jody succeeds in getting her point across to them kindly and efficiently. The dogs respond to her with true understanding. Her book was inspiring to read and so enjoyable because Jody's wit and personality was apparent throughout. It is also an excellent resource for when in doubt. Pam

Jody helped us with three VERY different puppies, and all three turned into great well-mannered dogs. Her puppy school is some of the most fun I've ever had on a Saturday morning. She helped us prepare the dogs for the arrival of our twins and has continued to work with our "bossy" dog as the kids grow into toddlers. All get along just great. I can't say enough good things about Jody. Gail

I met Jody 14 years ago, shortly after I acquired my first German Shepherd, Sheba. I was looking for a trainer and saw that Barnes& Noble had a dog trainer scheduled to speak. I attended the presentation and was impressed with her "train with love not fear" approach and her big dog Rerun.

I signed up for her group classes bringing along my 11 year old son. Jody pointed out that Sheba was timid and that timid dogs could become fear biters. She stressed that we would need to work with Sheba regularly and consistently to overcome the timidity. Sheba graduated from class and was my best girl for 13 years. She welcomed other dogs into the household and was part of the group when company visited. Jody showed that lots of love and structure was what Sheba needed.

A year ago I acquired my current shepherd, Phoebe. No shyness with her and full of joy. I looked to Jody again to help with training. Jody still has the magic. After a 40 minute session with Jody, my exuberant Phoebe was no longer trying to bullet out the door when I was putting out recycling or getting the mail. I highly recommend Jody - her positive attitude and love of what she does is contagious and the dogs feel it! Debbie

I work with a gentleman who has mental retardation. Approximately seven years ago, he adopted a six month old mix female from the pound. She was adorable but quite the handful. I was looking for a dog trainer who would have the patience to work with someone with a disability. Jody was recommended to me by a veterinarian. We all loved Jody immediately. From day one, she took both man and dog into her heart. Jody recognizes that each human and dog relationship is unique. She had been an advocate for this special man and his faithful friend when a family member thought it would be too difficult for the dog to continue to live there. This gentleman absolutely lives for his dog. I am so grateful to Jody for all she has done for making their relationship such a success story. Michelle

Jody's dog obedience class was informative, well-paced and lots of fun! My dog, a very scared rescue, gained a lot of confidence and skill from it -- and as a new dog owner, I did too! Cornelia

Our bichon was a little shy and unsure of himself when he first met Jody. Over the course of working with her at our home and in classes, he gained confidence, learned how to meet new people and dogs. He is now happy to meet and greet anyone anywhere we go and we love feeling confident that he is an attentive and gentle friend to anyone he meets. Louise

Jody is magical when it comes to training and behavior modification of canines, and my dog Michelle absolutely idolizes her!! Jody definitely thinks like a dog and knows how to bridge the language barrier between humans and canines. I really like her method of training, she is positive and gentle with the dog, and direct when training the owner. It is heartwarming to see how loved she is by her canine clients! 2 extremely happy clients! Lori and Michelle