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(Posted January 1, 2018)

To anthropomorphize is to attribute human traits to non-humans (because we're so great). Though this is meant to be flattering, I see it differently.

As I mentioned in my first book, Rover, Don’t Roll Over, a client once said, "I love my dog, I just hate when she does doggy things". This reminded me of Henry Higgins asking, "Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man?" A current client is eager to have her Papillion play with other dogs so long as there's "no chewing, sniffing or chasing". This would be funny but for her kicking any pup who solicits play at the dog park.

Now you'll never catch me using the word "just" when referring to a dog, but to anthropomorphize implies that there’s something wrong with a dog as is. Like the westerner admiring an Asian’s Anglicized features or the African’s processed hair, how narcissistic are we?

I just spoke to a man who opened the conversation saying, "Daisy is not a dog, she’s a person". This was repeated four times in five minutes. My "sounds like you don’t like dogs" slight was wasted on him.

Good luck!

Jody Rosengarten
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