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(Posted April 2, 2018)

Marking is when Imp squirts urine on a targeted object to say, "Mine!" before swaggering off to high-five his homies. Marking is a visceral reaction to a potent stimulus, usually a scent. Intact males are most apt to mark with leg lifted, but even a gender-conflicted spayed female might wait in line to leave her pheromone-steeped calling card.

While it's natural for Imp to mark up the woods, the committed marker might bring his handiwork indoors. This is frowned upon in Connecticut. The addition of a new puppy, menstruation, a soggy diaper or urine tracked in on one's shoes might elicit a spritz. Marking can also be an expression of displaced frustration to deer grazing just beyond the picture window or a stuck car alarm.

Because marking is involuntary, attempts to correct it are as futile as punishing a sneeze. The good news is that, with a novice marker, neutering will eliminate the urge altogether and is 80% successful even with master markers. Be patient, it could take many weeks for neutering's benefits to kick in.

Imp's marking during a walk around the block is usually fine—he needs a life, after all—but for the territorially aggressive dog or the runaway, marking expands Imp's home turf compelling frequent revisiting updates. The easiest way to prevent marking on a quiet suburban or country road is to walk in the middle of the street where there are fewer aromas and no vertical surfaces, the preferred spritzee. Otherwise, jogging could override Imp's need to mark until the neutering takes hold.

Good luck!

Jody Rosengarten
The Bark Stops Here
(203) 372-BARK

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