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Workshops are held at the

Southport Veterinary Center

2131 Post Road

Fairfield, CT 06824

(except where noted)

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How it Works

The Dog Days of Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Workshops address health and behavioral issues. Typically, Dr. Patricia Hart and I offer monthly meetings at The Southport Veterinary Center on a Saturday afternoon for 1.5 hours.

Following are some of the topics that have been covered in the past and may be included in upcoming workshops:

  • Emergencies: Medical and Behavioral First Aid for your Dog - Discussion will focus on recognizing both health and behavior signals for emergency situations and procedures to address them. Common household dangers, including toxins, will also be reviewed. Behavioral emergencies might include questions on aggression: what's the difference between mouthing and biting and/or the difference between dogs playing and fighting.
  • So... You're Getting a Puppy - Timely advice for anyone considering getting a puppy will include tips on picking the right breed or mixed breed for you, how to find reputable breeders/sources, and how to get the right start for your puppy's good health, as well as training and socialization priorities.
  • Separation Anxiety - Separation Anxiety is perhaps the most difficult of issues to manage because--duh!--it happens in our absence. Re-homed dogs are especially susceptible to developing Separation Anxiety. This intensive workshop will address how to avoid SA's development and how to rehabilitate dogs in whom it already exists.
  • Children & Dogs: Making the Mix Work - Whether it's introducing your dog to the new baby home from the hospital or preparing older children for a puppy's arrival, everyone benefits from a few practical strategies to mixing dogs and children. Part of the discussion will offer tips on how kids should lift and play with dogs, and the importance of training children to respect a dog's space and sleep.
  • How to Stop Your Dog's Jumping - A dog's jumping is the number one issue raised in my practice. Participants will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about their dog's behavior, while learning general tips on controlling this problem behavior whether jumping on people, furniture, cars, etc.

Cancellation, Return/Refund Policy

Dog owners are asked NOT to bring their dogs as space is limited inside, and reservations are recommended. Workshops are limited to 15 people per session. Walk-ins are welcome.

I update the calendar for future workshops on an ongoing basis. For more information and/or to be included on my mailing list to notify you of upcoming workshops please:

Call (203) 372-BARK Or email The Bark Stops Here by clicking here. Please be sure to include your name, email and contact information.

In addition, I am always open to suggestions for topics that may be of of particular interest to you. If you have ideas or suggestions, let me know by clicking here!