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We help dog owners put an end to their dog barks without gimmicks

What you can find at The Bark Stops Here?

We specialize in helping dog owners create a harmonious relationships with their dogs. From basic obedience to serious behavior problems, we provide a variety of information that you need.

We are enthusiastic dog lovers and advocates of pet happiness as dog owners ourselves we love spending time with them. We spend our free time at dog parks and volunteering at a local animal shelter, where we help to find homes for rescue dogs

We are also passionate about animal rights and regularly attend protests and petitions to make sure that all animals are treated with kindness and respect.

We also dedicate our time to educating others on responsible pet ownership and helping people to find the right breed and size of dog for their family is an active member of her local community, and also loves meeting new people and their furry friends.

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Meet the Team

Nashwa Mirza

Nashwa Mirza

“I’m a dog lover who’s always on the go! I’ve grown up with animals my whole life and I love being able to spoil all the dogs in my life with all their favorite treats.” -Nashwa

She is a lifelong dog owner, who has been rescuing, fostering, and rehoming dogs for over 3years.

She is a dedicated volunteer for local animal shelters and rescue organizations, volunteering her time to help care for the animals in need and find them loving forever homes.

Whenever she can, she loves to take the dogs for long walks in the park and show them off to her family and friends. She has a big heart for animals and loves nothing more than spending time with her furry friends.

At The Bark Stops Here she works as a content writer while spreading all the information about dogs she has learned over years.

Mariyam Amdani

Mariyam Amdani

“I’m a dog lover and caretaker. I walk, train, and pet sit dogs while you’re at work or away.”

Mariyam is a passionate dog caretaker with a deep love for all four-legged friends.

She always had a special connection with animals, particularly dogs, and that’s what inspired her to pursue a career in this field.

Mariyam loves going for long walks and playing fetch with her client’s dogs. She also loves teaching them new tricks and giving them lots of love and attention.

At The Bark Stops Here she works as a content creator while spreading all the information about dogs she has learned over years.

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