How to keep my dog from barking when I leave?


How to keep my dog from barking when I leave? Does your dog have separation anxiety? Do you want your dog to be happy even when you’re not around? Does your dog bark a lot as soon as you leave? You may have a lot of questions like this in your head. But finding answers to these questions is no more a hustle.

As I am giving you a brief guide on how to keep your dog from barking when you leave. You will find the reasons behind this behavior, methods to deal with it, bonus tips, and much more. Hence, read the whole article and share your review with us in the comments.

3 reasons why your dog barks when you leave:

Firstly to stop a dog barking when left alone, you need to understand the reasons behind this behavior. 

  1. Boredness:

The way humans want to keep themselves busy. Dogs also want to be busy. Not giving proper exercises, games and attention can make the dog feel unhappy.

Dogs can feel bored if you leave them alone without any exercise and fun time. To show their frustration they bark. You are attached to your dog so your dog is.

They think if they will bark they will get more attention or maybe you will come in.

  1. Fear:

Spending all day or some hours alone can be scary for your dog.

Especially when they can’t see anything from the outside or they are all alone in the big house. Some dogs do have separation anxiety which causes a fear in them of losing you.

With this type of dog, you need to do proper socialization. It would be much better if you socialize with your pup from a young age. 

The fear that they will get attacked or they would not be able to see you becomes excessive when a dog is alone as they feel safe around you.

  1. Territorial:

Dogs like to own things. They are possessive of the things they love. Hence, they can bark a lot to show their right to something or someone.

Leaving your dog alone can make some people look up to your dog. That thing can start territorial barking. Or if you’re leaving with some friend who’s come to take you up can make your dog’s territorial mood on.

Top methods to keep your dog from barking when you leave:

I believe you can deal with anything with patience and using methods. So, like for your dogs. Follow the below methods consistently and you will see the results. Prepare your dog before some time you go out. 

Check out Zak George’s video on how he trains his dog ‘Inertia’ to stop freaking out when he leaves her alone.

  • Take out for a walk or give some exercise:

No matter when you have to go out, spare some time and take out your dog for a walk. The walk can be small or some rounds of your yard but it will give a mental and physical workout. 

Exercising your dog can drain a lot of his physical energy which will make him tired. A tired dog can easily sleep or calmly sit in one place.

Giving exercise to your dog before you leave will make your dog tired and give him attention. Or hire a dog walker to take out your dog for a walk in a day if you’re gonna be all day out.

  •  Provide a comfy bed or some sound:

Starting TV or some sound can make your dog silent. There can be shows that the dog likes, for example Dog TV or cartoons.

For example, if you listen to music daily in your house and your dog likes it. So, turn on the music as you leave to give the canine a feeling of you being with him.

There can be one place in your whole house where your dog likes to sit and calm himself. Pick an extensive quality comfortable bed. this sort of bed can make the fido feel relaxed. If your fido uses it for a long time then it is better than anything to make him more comfortable.

 Keeping something of yours on the bed that he can smell is a great tip with this method.

  • Toys and food:

Give your dog his favorite toy which you don’t give him when you’re around. It will give him a sense of pleasure to make him not leave the toy for a long time. It can be more than good if the toy is automatic as it can give a lot of opportunities to the dog, it can also imitate the dog.

Chewing toys with his favorite treat filled up is also a great way to entertain your dog. This toy can work much better than any barking collar as the toy keeps your canine engaged.

Favorite food can keep the dog distracted as you step out of the house. Particularly, the treat which you give him when you’re not around.

Keep the food and water for your dog near his bed. Your dog can sometimes bark because of hunger. This your rover’s stomach is gonna be full and he will be hydrated as you are out for a long time.

Bonus Tip: CBD dog treats can reduce your dog’s anxiety and enhance his happiness. With that, it can be used as giving your pooch when you’re leaving.

Make sure your pooch is calm as you leave. You can try your dog to get used to being alone for some time in a day from a young age using this method.

  • Remove the distraction: 

Understand the reason why your pooch is barking. Is it to get your attention? Or does he think if he will bark he will get a reward?

Now when you have found the distraction, remove it. It can be anything, for example, a stranger. So, put the curtains to block the view of the outside world.

As you see your rover is not barking, reward him with treats.

  • Desensitization:

Desensitization is the training of getting the habit of your fido of what he is afraid of. For example, leaving alone makes your dog it means he is afraid that he will always have to live alone.

Exposing your dog to that situation slowly by giving treats will work. Do something which you do before going out like packing your lunch, wearing shoes, etc. If he starts barking, give him his comfy bed, etc. If he behaves nicely then treat him. Show good behavior will increase rewards and treats.

Let’s move ahead, and go on a 5-minute walk. Stay in the yard or at the door to listen if your dog is barking. After 5 minutes, if your canine is not showing any negative behavior then praise him with a treat.

If he is barking, don’t show up at that time. Instead, wait for the time when he will get tired and take a gap of some time. Re-enter at that time and reward him. The canine should connect treats with positive behavior. 

After some sessions of training or as soon as the dog starts behaving positively, gradually increase the time you go out. It will make him also believe that you are eventually gonna come back. 


Buy a camera to have a look at when your canine barks to know how much your dog barks alone.

Following the methods shown above can help you immensely. A mix of methods will also work as your dog’s unique personality.

Anytime when you feel your canine’s barking is not getting in control whether it’s because of separation anxiety. Consult a canine behaviorist for his best.


  1. Does separation anxiety only include barking?

Ans: For many dogs, separation anxiety can be shown in many ways like chewing, scratching, and licking. These are all the negative behavioral changes in a dog because of separation anxiety including barking.

  1. Should you create a perfect routine for your leaving?

Ans: I think you should not create a perfect routine of you leaving in front of your dog. It will make him upset before even you go out. So, try changing the routines for some days. 

You can get ready early which gives signs that you are going out. But sit down and watch TV or do something. It will assure that every time you do it, you don’t go out after a period.

  1. Why you should not give attention to your dog as you come back immediately?

Ans: Dogs want attention. As you come home they want attention and care from you. If you give that attention they will feel your leave more miserable.

Ignoring your canine can be hard at that moment. But it’s only for a moment, then you can shower love and affection towards your dog. 

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