I have tried everything and my dog won’t stop barking – 3 ways to control your dog’s annoying bark

I have tried everything and my dog won’t stop barking, you are in the right place to get your questions answered.

If you are reading this, it means your dog is the one that is causing a nuisance at your home. And you are here looking for rescue after your neighbor’s consistent complaints.

But to find an answer to your question, let’s first understand if there is a problem in the first place.

Your dog could be barking for many unknown reasons, ranging from threat to attention. You could’ve helped it gain the habit that it has today.

How? Let’s learn about that further.

I have tried everything and my dog won't stop barking
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How can I control my dog’s bark?

Your dog’s bark might be a way for it to communicate. But sometimes your dog does not understand the extremities.

It can keep going on and on unless you lose your cool and scream too. Here, we recommend you to keep your patience sustained and try out ways to calm your dog down.

Though there is no way to stop your dog from barking, there are many ways through which you can control it.


Your dog would need your help while reaching for things unreachable to it. Barks at that time is necessary.

But you need to make sure that your dog does not get used to it. After this, your dog is prone to constant barking every time it needs something, be it food or attention.

This habit is very common and inappropriate as well.

If you think your dog is barking, do not give in to it. Ignore your dog now. Even the slightest change in your expression is entertainment for it.

When your dog barks, leave it alone in the room. Return only when your dog is quiet, and if so, give it a treat.

Your dog needs to get used to the fact that barking will not and should never get things.


There are many ways for you to communicate with your dog, and display your love and affection. But as a dog parent, you need to know when to stop, and so does your dog.

Apart from affection, what you need to focus on here is disciplining your dog. Avoid petting and create a serious environment for this.

When your dog demand barks, the first thing you can do is not give in. Do not give the object it wants until it is quiet.

But if your dog is barking, make sure that you ask it to shut up immediately.

Refrain from verbal communication. Either call your dog’s name or a stern look would do the work. Lose the fun in your voice, and your dog immediately understands that you disapprove of its behavior.

Positive enrichment.

How do you think your furry friend spends its time when you are away? Scratches the furniture and the walls?

This is as boring and lonesome for your dog as it seems to you now. But how can you fix this?

Your dog stops barking for fun when it gets tired by the end of the day. For this, you need to keep it engaged with several things.

Add various activities to your dog’s routine. They should take part in them and enjoy them too. This is positive enrichment.

The following are the ways to provide positive enrichment to your dog:


When you are away with your work, your dog spends a lot of time alone. Even with the food available, it runs out of things to entertain itself.

Because of this, it looks forward to meeting you as soon as the day ends, hence the barking.

When your dog is around you, try to use the time as much as possible. Play its favorite game, pet around and take the extra mile when you are on your walk.

This fills the gap and strengthens your bond with it.

Focus on physical exercises as much as possible. Exhaustion is entertainment for your dog, so stick to doing it every day.


Your dog hasn’t got much to do for survival. All it needs is nutritious food and clean water to consume.

But the thing to understand here is that it’s your dog that you should order around and not vice-versa.

This means that you need to take care of your dog’s needs, be it food or water.

Feed your dog every day and also keep a check on dinner time. Remind your dog that it needs to eat instead of reminding you to feed it.

This would create a non-verbal pact of control between you and your dog. This also clears the difference between what is appropriate for it, and what is not.

Improved mental health.

When we say that you must engage your dog at all times, we mean mentally as well. Yes. Your dog needs to get tired as much as possible for you to control its barks.

For this, you need to give it puzzles it can solve.

We do not mean that you throw a jigsaw right away towards its face but even a sophisticated soft toy will help.

Your dog will get so busy investigating the toy that it will not realize it’s evening already. 

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Overcoming anxiety.

When you are around, your dog gets used to your presence. This means that even if you are not sitting right in front of it, it would still feel safe.

This is because your dog understands that in case of a problem, you would be around for its rescue.

But when you are away, your dog gets pretty clueless about itself. Even if there is no chance of a trespasser troubling your dog, it would still be insecure about its safety.

This will make it miss you, and it would spend hours crying and thinking about you.

For this, keep the music turned on before you leave the house. This would not fool your dog but at least it would have a distraction from its negative thoughts.

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Now as you know How to control your dog’s barks, let’s focus on the reasons why it barks.

Reasons why my dog barks

Your dog’s bark is the most used way of communication for it. It could be barking for many reasons, some of which you could understand.

But what if we tell you that there are other reasons as well? The following are some reasons why your dog must be barking: 


Having a dog is a lot like having a kid. Yes, it is. You could be going about with your chores, and your dog would still be squatting and wailing beside you.

This, my friend, is a sign that it wants your attention. Anything, be it the favorite game your dog likes or head rubs, all it craves is love.

But a dog does not understand your busy schedule. Even when you try to explain, it would bark till you give it the love it wants.


A lot like human traits, your dog needs entertainment all the time. It loves activities, but sitting and doing nothing does not help.

Your dog gets bored, and when it does not find anything to entertain itself, it wails as loud as possible.

This might also be to seek attention. But, this time your dog wishes to tell you that it needs something to entertain itself.

Here the solution is up to you if you wish to give in to its demands or go about with your work. 


Your dog grows anxious due to various reasons. Let’s know the reasons now.

  • Separation.

Has your dog ever barked or cried when you were away? This is because your dog understands and undergoes separation anxiety.

When you leave your dog alone for a very long time, your dog finds itself lonely. Due to a lack of companionship, it barks.

  • Noise.

Your dog gets scared when it hears sudden loud sounds. Be it your loud music, party noises, fireworks, or thunderstorms, your dog would get scared.

It might even run towards its favorite spot under the sofa to make itself feel safe.

But above everything, it would again inform you about its discomfort through its bark.

  • Objects.

As strange as it may sound, your dog can grow anxious even because of trees. while driving, a bigger truck or a shady-looking tree can scare your dog.

The only way for your dog to react to such spasms is through loud barks. In either of the cases, make sure you are patient with your dog.

Reassure it that it is safe and the object cannot harm it anyway.


As the reason states, your dog barks to tell you that it’s hungry and you need to give its food. But your dog can be way more notorious than you can guess.

When you give it food every day, it gets used to it. By the next day, it guesses the time of dinner.

Now for fun, it would start barking even before you can think of the word ‘dinner’. This behavior is very inappropriate and requires correction.


According to FirstVet, there can be many reasons for your dog to be in pain. It might be suffering from stomach upset to cancer in uncomfortable places.

Though we might think and talk about extremities, we strongly recommend routine checkups for your dog.

Precaution is always better than cure, even for your dog.

Reactive Barking.

This is a very common ‘reaction’ that your dog can give. Imagine your dog going about the day, enjoying the company of its tail, and it gets startled!

Be it a loud noise or a silly human, if it fails to surprise your dog, it will enjoy the consequences of it.

Your dog can leap towards that thing, barking, and might even bite. Avoid getting involved in such actions and stop your children from going near a resting dog.


This is the best and the most positive reaction to expect from your furry friend. The amount of adrenaline your dog gets to see you return home deserves your happy reaction as well.

Excessive reactions toward food or treats are inappropriate. But you can fix it through various methods. 

Sometimes your dog barks at something or someone. This shows that your dog feels threatened by that foreign being.

The following are the specific reasons why your dog could be barking at someone else: 


If you have ever woken up to find your dog wailing at nothing, it is definitely because of fear.

Your dog is a magical being that is prone to remember many things as you can. You need to know that your dog could keep going on and on about its fear through barks, its only way of communication.

It gets afraid of anything, be it a person, another dog, or an experience. You need to be very patient with it and also give it the love and comfort it wants.


If you thought your dog was a feeble animal, you are wrong here. Your dog can create a territory of its own.

This means that your dog joins the dogs in your neighborhood. They then create a pack among themselves.

Now, together they know and understand what makes them feel safe and what does not.

They use all their senses to make sure of your safety and theirs. When a foreign being approaches them, they together wail and bark to scare the other being away.

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Now that you finally know the reasons for your dog’s bark, let’s see the answers to some Frequently asked questions that you might be looking for.

I have tried everything and my dog won’t stop barking: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When your dog does not stop barking, the first thing you need to do is be patient. After this, you need to catch your dog’s attention and ask it to sit. Your dog would obey you, and once it does, make sure that you reward it with treats. With practice, your dog will learn that barking will not get him things and would discipline him as well.

Barking is your dog’s way of communication. It barks so that it can talk to you and also tell you what it is feeling. When your dog is out of its comfort zone due to various reasons, it feels overwhelming. This feeling is very strong and uncontrollable. Due to discomfort, your dog barks to make itself feel safe. You can fix this habit of your dog through various methods.

Your dog has a great hearing capability and hence can detect noises from far away too. This makes it hear sounds that human ears cannot. Because of this, even the slightest noise causes disturbances to it. This makes it restless and hence it barks to make itself feel safe. In case your dog has a disability, like hearing imparity or vision impairment, visit a vet. They can check if it has other illnesses which might be troubling it.

If your dog barks, you are facing a problem. Now, stick to ways through which you can fix it, the first being sustaining patience. Understand that your dog could be going through even more complexes. If you are unable to control your dog’s barks on your own, consult ways from your dog trainer.

First, you must understand that your dog never barks reasonless. After reading the article, you must have detected the exact reason for your dog’s bark. Even if your dog is barking for attention, there are ways to fix it too. Socialize with your dog to understand it in a better way.


In this article, you learned the top 9 reasons your dog barks, and the top 3 ways you can control your dog’s bark.

While there is so much that we have already talked about, we finally wish to recommend certain things.

Focus on disciplining your dog and always refrain from punishing it. We are here to help you bond with your dog, we would always encourage you to do what gives a positive outcome.

You can find the answers to the related question about your dog in the FAQs section. For more queries, leave your questions in the comment section below.

Happy pet parenting!

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