Training A Dog Not To Bark With A Whistle

Training A Dog Not To Bark With A Whistle? Heard about a dog whistle from some friend or neighbor to stop the excessive barking of your dog? Want to learn everything about dog whistles, how it works, their advantages, the best whistles for dogs, etc? 

Then you are on the right article, we will give you a brief throughout on training a dog not to bark with a whistle. Your every doubt is gonna be cleared. Helping you to buy the perfect dog whistle and use it perfectly.

A Quick way through all contents:

  • Reasons behind using a whistle to train a dog not to bark
  • Do dog whistles work to stop bark
  • Correct time to use a dog whistle
  • How to use a dog whistle to stop a dog barking
  • Types of whistle
  • Top 3 best whistles 
  • Teaching your dog to stop barking with a whistle
  • Disadvantages of a whistle

Reasons behind using a whistle to train a dog not to bark:

The sound of a dog whistle cannot be heard by humans. It makes a high-frequency or pitched noise which will irritate the dog. Eventually, make him stop barking.

A great way to communicate and do human socialization with your dog is by using a whistle.

You can also use a dog whistle to give commands to your dog like ‘sit’ and ‘stand’. The commands you use while giving him normal training. 

You may have heard from your grandmother that dogs have more amazing smelling and hearing sense than humans. It is the only reason behind them barking at nothing that seems to you. They can hear far better than us. So, they react to it with barking(their means of communication). 

As a parent, you need to help distract them in amazing ways which is a dog whistle and some training methods. It is a more empathetic and safe way than shock collars. Simply, blow the whistle and interrupt your dog’s barking. get the attention. When he stops, reward him.

Do dog whistles work to stop bark:

Dog Whistles works to do a lot of things. Stopping excessive barking, and training to modify behaviors.

A dog whistle is a behavior modification tool. Dogs don’t like the sound of whistles that’s why it can work to stop barking. Although, minor chances are your dog can react oppositely also in some situations. He will bark more.

You can take a look at many ebooks on dog training with whistles like the ‘ebooks’ by ‘pets mum’.

Correct time to use a dog whistle:

You can start whistling at the time of or after an 8 weeks old puppy. You can also use it at any age of the dog. At the above-mentioned time, it is perfect for your puppy to get the habit of listening to commands using a whistle.

How to use a dog whistle to stop dog barking:

There are four steps below to learn how to use a dog whistle:

  1. Remove the protective plastic cover from the whistle.
  1. Twisting or changing the direction of the presented rod will adjust the frequency. You will have to check many times to get the perfect frequency. Do not let any harm happen to your dog. 
  1. Lock it when you have adjusted the frequency.
  1. Add the protective layer of plastic into the whistle which you removed in the first step.

Check different styles and tones of the whistle to give various instructions. Read the manufacturing and other details carefully.

Types of whistles:

    There are two types of whistles:

  1. Silent whistles
  2. Audible whistles
  1. Silent whistles:

You can understand the meaning of this type of whistle by its name ‘silent’. As a human or dog owner, you cannot listen to the sound of a whistle but a dog can. You are blowing noise but not listening. This is what it is. You can adjust the basic frequency also. The dog must be trained with basic commands.

This type of whistle has high frequency, which makes the sound able to be heard at a longer distance. Maybe other dogs will hear the sound of a whistle at some distance.

According to the ehow youtube channel silent dog whistles are great because of their frequency.

      2.   Audible whistles: 

It is the dog whistle that can be heard by humans. A normal whistle which we use during sports etc. It can reach a far better distance than a silent one.

Audible whistles are good when you and your family are okay to hear the sound of the whistle. Or for that matter, you are training your dog.

Top 3 best whistles: 

  1. Acme 535 silent dog whistle:

It is the metal silent dog whistle. The frequency can be adjusted of the whistle to 12,400Hz from 5,800Hz. I hope you have read how to use a dog whistle to understand and use it properly. 

Still, the pitch gets more when the whistle extends. The voice of this silent dog whistle can be heard like blowing a straw. But inaudible to humans.

It is the best silent dog whistle for training. Despite being expensive.

It will not even affect your neighbor and help your training.

  1. forePets Professional Dog Whistle:

 It is also a silent dog whistle from the forepets. It also has an adjustable frequency.

It comes with a lanyard to make sure you don’t lose your whistle. It is affordable. But you need to check the frequency regularly, as it changes.

  1. SportDOG Roy Gonia Dog Whistle:

It is an audible dog whistle. Sportdog is best for long distances as the sound can be carried further away. 

This audible whistle contains an easy blown design, to not tire you up after a long day. It works to protect human eardrums, the sound gets toward your dog.

Training A Dog Not To Bark With A Whistle:

When your dog barks, give her a ‘speak’ command. if she obeys it, you reward her. Let your dog understand there is a time to speak and to shut your mouth.

When he starts barking, you start whistling, just stop after one sharp whistle. It will distract the dog from barking. Give him a present if he stops. Do the training consistently.

During the training for some days, repeat the procedure. It will help the dog understand that if you whistle he needs to stop to get the treat.

Use the time of whistle-blowing for a particular message. Like, one whistle-blow can be for ’stay’ and two would be for ‘come here’. This way you will teach your dog different commands.

Disadvantages of a whistle:

  •  Over usage of dog whistles can be ineffective.
  • Whistle’s excessive usage can affect the dog’s ability to hear. It can be harmful to them like normal whistles can be for humans.
  • Your dog can get irritated by the high sound of the whistle.
  • As you know, dogs can hear far better than humans. Hence, they have sensitive ears, which can be harmed by a whistle that is inaudible to you. Especially your pup.
  • If you want dog whistles that shouldn’t hurt your dog then use them properly. 

You can also make your dog listen to the high-pitched sound of a dog whistle through a youtube video. Many videos are available on youtube like the one from the ‘n beats’ channel.

You can check out your vet for the whistle you have purchased. Also, you can get an idea about the frequency.

You can also buy an automatic whistle. It will work whenever your dog barks. It will whistle immediately and automatically. You don’t have to take a whistle with you all day while doing the work.

I hope the above article has solved everything about dog whistles. You can surely use it to train your dog not to bark.

FAQs Section:

  1. What should you use a dog whistle or quiet command to train your dog?

      Ans: You can use both of the methods at your convenience. But remember, train your dog well for it. It will only give results when trained perfectly. You can use the Quiet command with the dog whistle like when your dog barks, whistle one time. After gaining the attention, look at him and say calmly and assertively ‘quiet’. When he agrees, give him a treat. 

     2. What is the best range of silent dog whistles?

      Ans: There are many silent dog whistles from some companies in the market. But ACME is the best silent whistle. It has a variety of ranges as per frequencies. It is recommended by many pet owners and professionals.

      3. Should you lessen the usage of a dog whistle after a point?

      Ans: If your dog is now trained then you can slow down the usage of the whistle gradually. Giving him a command will make him understand how to obey to get a reward.

      4. Can you use a dog whistle for training your dog’s basic commands?

      Ans: Yes, if your dog doesn’t bark a lot. You don’t need to use it. But training with a dog whistle and basic commands like ‘stay’, ‘stand’, and ‘come here’ can be a great way. As you start using the whistle for giving commands, Use it consistently for one week. Your dog needs to connect the whistle with commands. 

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